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Un-peel a Chiquita masterpiece!

3 Dec 2020
Un-peel a Chiquita masterpiece!

Chiquita presents a new sticker celebration of classic art.

Chiquita are celebrating an eclectic range of much-loved classic art with a tongue-in-cheek banana twist. Our bananas aren’t just a classic delicious fruit that has been on your table since your childhood, they are nature’s perfect piece of art: we believe they are a great way to hold a work of art in your hands and un-peel a masterpiece of flavor, form, and quality.

To celebrate the artful Chiquita banana, we’ve paired our iconic banana stickers up with some of the world’s most iconic artworks so banana lovers everywhere can start an art collection of their own. So, every banana becomes a fun new way to indulge in great taste—in art, and in fruit.

Un-peel a Chiquita masterpiece!

The Italian designer Mariangela Rinaldi has conceived 12 new stickers that give her own joyful impression of some of the world’s most famous portraits of women in art, exploring the link between bananas and creativity while inviting people to try out their own creativity and senses.


The new stickers are part of our long tradition of quirky and inventive variations on the famous symbol of our bananas’ high quality. We’ve also designed a fun booklet for collectors to place their stickers as they discover them.


Just as our bananas tempt you to un-peel a tasty masterpiece, our new stickers invite you to admire:

Chiquita Artist Stickers. Un-peel a Chiquita masterpiece!
  1. Leonardo da Vinci’s pure and modest ‘Lady Banana with an Ermine
  2. The beloved, enigmatic smile of the archetypal Renaissance masterpiece, ‘Mona Banana’, also by the great Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Roy Lichtenstein’s celebrated comic-book image, the pop-urban ‘B-Banana
  4. An iconic Andy Warhol image, one of 50 parts of a multiple diptych of the world-famous movie star ‘Banana Monroe
  5. The long, delicate neck of Amedeo Modigliani’s ‘Portrait of a Banana with hat
  6. Frida Kahlo’s sweet and exotic ‘Self-portrait in banana peel
  7. Gustav Klimt’s famous gold and silver banana shadows for his ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch-Banana
  8. Pablo Picasso’s iconic ‘Banana Dora Maar’, the most famous cubist banana of all time
  9. Edgar Degas’ infatuation for a banana dancer’s curves, ‘L’étoile banana
  10. James Whistler’s tasteful arrangement in grey and black, known around the world as ‘Banana’s Mother
  11. Sandro Botticelli’s beautiful and sensual portrait, ‘The Birth of Banana
  12. The turbulent background skies of Pierre-August Renoir’s ‘Young Banana in a Straw Hat

Bananas also paint a great picture, health-wise: they’re low in fat and rich in a range of important nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese and potassium, as well as soluble fibre, resistant starch and natural sugars, ensuring banana lovers have plenty of long-lasting energy to celebrate their artistic side.


As part of the celebrations, we’ll also launch some ap-peeling and extremely creative recipes on our website, showing off the unique taste and quality of Chiquita bananas. These recipes are works of art in themselves and include a gallery-worthy tropical fruit salad and fruit platter as well as a delicious cupcake recipe and a child-friendly recipe for multi-colored pancakes.

Our website will celebrate the launch of the stickers with a fun personality quiz, asking the important question: which Chiquita banana masterpiece are you? This tongue-in-cheek quiz will help you to find your “art twin” sticker, so you can search out this compatible work of art in your local store.


Looking forward to the New Year festivities and lots of banana enjoyment in the year ahead, our art stickers will appear on bunches of Chiquita bananas from the beginning of December this year to mid-January 2021. Banana lovers will have a short and exciting window of time to collect what we hope will be a much-coveted version of our famed Blue Sticker. We want everyone to celebrate with us: our bananas are a true, tasty masterpiece!


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