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What makes a Chiquita banana so special?

We made the banana the world’s most famous fruit.In doing so, we became the banana’s most famous brand.

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The way people around the world think about, eat, appreciate, and enjoy bananas is largely due to the Chiquita brand. For decades, we’ve been the leader of the banana realm.

Before we came along, bananas were not a staple of people’s diets like they are today. Then we made the banana a household name by becoming the first fruit company to have our own fleet of ships—achieving worldwide distribution. Now, you can get ripe, delicious Chiquita bananas almost anywhere in the world.

There are about 400 varieties of bananas. Americans and Europeans are most familiar with the Cavendish banana. Most Chiquita bananas are of the Cavendish variety but we’ve different varieties of bananas in our product catalog.

Does Chiquita have different kinds of bananas?

Bananas are a category with mass appeal where their something for everyone.

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Our research shows that each segment of the banana category offers a unique proposition to best maximize total category success.

Besides the Cavendish banana, we also sell Chiquita Minis, Chiquita Plantains, Chiquita Manzanos and Chiquita Reds. For example, while Chiquita Minis are tiny, tangy and tasty – actually an entirely different variety of banana altogether, Chiquita Plantains look like an over-sized banana and is consumed normally grilled or baked.

When asking consumers about their favorite brand of bananas, Chiquita wins in all categories: taste, appearance, freshness, nutrition, value and size.

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Discover our  product catalog which contains all the range of Chiquita bananas available for you.

For more information and details on Commercial SKUs available and how we can partner to create a comprehensive strategy that optimizes the power of your banana category, please contact our Sales Team.

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What does Chiquita stands for?

To be the banana of choice in every market we are in, providing our consumers and customers with the highest quality product and service, all the way from our farms to shelves

Quality Standards

Quality is in our DNA, from seed to shelf.

Part of the Chiquita difference is our company wide, laser-like focus on providing quality products for our consumers and quality service for our business partners.