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Chiquita is the #1 consumer preferred banana brand

Chiquita understands that the banana category is part of an ever-changing industry that is evolving to meet the needs of consumers and shoppers alike. The premise of total store growth is changing as global trends shape the grocery retail outlook.

Category leadership Chiquita

The increased pressure for retailers to win more of the shopper’s share of wallet is only building up across markets.

Understanding how to leverage those categories and brands that can actively support retailers to differentiate their positioning is of increasing value in such competitive landscape.

With produce as a leading factor in choosing where to shop, bananas continue to be paramount in shaping a compelling retail strategy since they are among the top fruits to embody the quality of the fresh produce section.

Why Chiquita Banana?

Chiquita is the #1 consumer preferred banana brand.

Chiquita category leadership

Our research show that 96% of consumers around the world recognize Chiquita as a banana brand, and that consumers ranked Chiquita with the highest rates on confidence for taste, freshness and quality.

The best way to grow the value of the banana category in total store success is through the eyes of the shopper, identifying programs and solutions that can best engage our retail partners and their shoppers.

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Category Management excellence for 20 years running.

Progressive Grocer Honors Chiquita with 2019 Category Captain Award

We are honored to receive the 2019 Category Captain Award for the twentieth year in a row from Progressive Grocer.

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The Banana Shopper Mindset

Banana shoppers around the world share similarities. However, Chiquita recognizes the distinct characteristics across markets to stay relevant and evolve with consumers.

Category management

Elevate your banana category for total store success

Strategic thought leadership within the category along with shopper and consumer insights allows Chiquita to continually identify successful and new, innovative ways to drive category sales.