Quality Standards

Quality is in our DNA, from farms to shelves.

Why banana quality is important?

While price, good deals and convenience of shop remain key battlegrounds, the quality of fresh produce is among top drivers to select a store with banana amongst the top fruits that embodies the quality of the produce section.

If these fruits meet shoppers’ freshness standards, then the whole produce section probably meets the criteria of a high quality, fresh produce department.

Quality standards Chiquita_Bananas
Quality standards Blue Sticker
Quality standards Blue Sticker Chiquita
Quality standards Chiquita Bananas

What goes in each box?

Quality is in our DNA, from farm to shelves. Part of the Chiquita difference is our company wide, laser-like focus on providing quality products for our consumers and quality standards service for our business partners. This focus is built into the DNA of Chiquita, and it can be found in every area of our businesses – from seed to shelf! The symbol of this quality has been represented for the last 70 years with our famous, iconic Blue Sticker. Our team – the employees behind our sticker – is what makes our quality products so special.

Quality standards Chiquita bananas

Consistent box-to-box quality – Chiquita Class Extra – picks only bananas from the upper part of the stem:

  • Stricter restrictions on tolerance of defects.
  • Good-size fruit.
  • Excellent ripening attributes.
Quality standards Guidelines Chiquita

Continual high quality-agricultural development:

  • We are committed to our rejuvenation program.
  • We are improving environmental and working conditions.
  • We are increasing steam and fruit size.
Quality standards Chiquita Bananas

Production process innovation to protect fruit quality:

  • Reduce associated rots and molds from fresh scarring and neck injury.
  • Improve harvesting ergonomics.
  • >30% reduction in defects.
  • Easier process for workers to use and improves delivered quality to customers.
Quality standards Blue Sticker Chiquita

How does it work:

  • Foam pads are placed between the hands.
  • The harvester is fixed on the stem.
  • Fruit are suspended, rather than touching the operator’s back, and are thus also easier to carry.
  • Steam is placed on the cable, and the harvester is removed.

Chiquita is driving upper-class quality

Chiquita land Sustainability

Fruit protection investments

Fruit protection investment

Farm rejuvenation programs

Packing plan infrastructure

Packing plant infrastructure development

On Going packaging improvments

On-going packaging improvements

Logistics and transportation Chiquita

New owned vessels & port modernization

Logistics and transportation Chiquita

Renovated container fleet & new DC openings

Chiquita brand bus

New brand positioning with consumers



Behind the Blue Sticker

Chiquita helps creating a positive impact by implementing the principles of sustainability in all its business practices under the “Behind the Blue Sticker” initiative.

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What does Chiquita stands for?

To be the banana of choice in every market we are in, providing our consumers and customers with the highest quality product and service, all the way from our farms to shelves