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Chiquita Introduces new stickers with Spotify

29 Apr 2020
Spotify Chiquita Banner

Together with Spotify, Chiquita leverages iconic Blue Sticker to offer musical entertainment for fans at home

Nearly eight decades after the release of the iconic Chiquita jingle, the leading banana company has joined forces with popular streaming platform, Spotify. The partnership brings the joy of music to fans through an interactive Blue Sticker series.

Five limited-edition stickers will appear on Chiquita bananas at grocery stores beginning April 27. Fans will be able to listen to Chiquita-inspired playlists as well as five new remixes of its orignal 1950s jingle after scanning sticker codes on the Spotify App.

Additionally, special ‘Golden Banana’ stickers will give fans access to unlock exciting games and a chance to win a variety of music-inspired prizes.

During times of high stress and anxiety, music can be incredibly important, as it offers a universal bond and source of positive entertainment: therefore Chiquita’s playlists via Spotify provide a wide range of feel-good music for fans. The playlist themes include:

  • Feeling Happy which features the latest trending tunes
  • Tropical Vibes is rooted in Chiquita’s heritage and famous theme song
  • Smile Workout provides a selection of high-energy music that compliments the energy-giving benefits of Chiquita’s tasty bananas
  • Classics offers a sweet throwback to well-known hits from past decades
  • Cook & Dance offers the perfect mood music to enjoy while preparing delicious Chiquita recipes, and is a vibrant singalong with Latin elements

“The Spotify Blue Sticker series is intended to encourage those staying at home to join in a world-wide celebration of cheerful music and connect with playlists designed to get fans up and moving,” said Carlos Lopez Flores, President of Chiquita. “By tapping into Spotify’s 248 million active monthly users, Chiquita is continuing its mission of highlighting the fun side of healthy living by offering an opportunity to get active and boost fans’ moods during a challenging global situation.”


In addition to the five playlist stickers, a special sixth ‘Golden Banana’ sticker will direct consumers to a a Chiquita podcast on Spotify where they will receive a secret password. This code will allow access to the Chiquita website game. Fans can win branded prizes such as loudspeakers, a Spotify Premium subscription and more.


Chiquita banana consumers will also go bananas for the five new remixes of the original 1950s jingle that give Miss Chiquita an updated sound and feel. The iconic Chiquita jingle was originally introduced to teach Americans how to enjoy its delicious bananas and was played 376 times daily on radio stations across the U.S. at its peak.


Chiquita is also making a global effort to show its support by transforming its iconic Blue Sticker logo for the first time, removing Miss Chiquita to promote social distancing and reinforce the message that people should stay at home.